Library Care

Welcome to TamilNadu & Puducherry ambitious Youngsters to become a Entrepreneurs...

L 2 H india will surely give you lots of opportunities to make your dreams. Those who are Interested to do L 2 H - Business can apply your Area & Pincode wise in our website.


1. Earn Monthly income minimum Rs. 5,000/- to Rs. 50,000/- according to your Interest & Involvement.

2. Start Library at your Home / Place. You can do it as Part Time or Full Time Business, which you like to work, by making minimum investment

3. Working Hours & Method of Business is your own choice. Do it with Freedom... Peaceful...Happiness..

4. Job searchers, Office goers, Business man, Students, Retired Persons, Housewife, age of 18 and above can have extra and more income with satisfaction and freedom by doing L 2 H - Business for your own Happiness

5. You should specify your Name, Age, Qualification, full address with Pincode, Mobile number, Email id of all the information by properly registering through the Apply for L2H Network.

6. Bring your Original Recent Passport size photo two - Address Proof and ID Proof - Driing License, Voter id, Bank passbook, Aadhar id, Ration card - any one xerox copy.

7. L2H India will receive renewal fees once in a year from Agents

8. L2H India mainly introduce the regular Readers to our L2H Service providers We will create a bonds between both of them to have a one to one relationship.

9. L2H India will keep up website safely, securely and updating of the information

10.The information in the L2H Network in which Editing process will be continuous personal care taking by L2H India

11. L2H India conduct L 2 H Training only... we won’t provide Books.

12. L2H India provides LIBRARY BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY only.... not Job opportunity...

13. Website Advertisement will be Undertaken through SMS, Newspapers, Magazines & Media. So many Readers can able to visit our site to become a Members..

14. If your Area and Pincode has changed in our website (i.e., L2H Network Locator ) you should tell immediately contact / WhatsApp - 7401380800 or Send Email -

INSTRUCTION - We will inform Training Place, Date & Time to your registered mobile number through SMS based on Area & Pincode wise


Rs. 500/- Registration Fees.

Fees Rs.3,000/- ( One Day ) L 2 H Training... Fees will be applicable for one person.

Minimum Fees- Rs.9500 ( One Day ) L 2 H Training - Network Joining, Providing supporting Materials & Three Months Guidance, (Terms & Conditions apply)

Fee Rs.6500 Library Network Joining + Providing supporting Materials + Three Months Guidance, (Terms & Conditions apply)
Training will be provided in which Place, Date & Time are informed through your Registered mobile number by SMS based on your Area & Pincode wise.,
Pay Fees through CC Avenue Payment gateway in our website.
Further details Pl. contact Cell No - 7401380800,

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