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  • Start L 2 H at your Home / Place. You can do it as Part Time or Full Time Business,, which you like to work, by making Minimum investment....

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  • Earn Monthly income minimum Rs. 5,000/- to Rs. 50,000/- will earn according to your Interest & Involvement..

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  • Rs. 500/- Registration Fees.

    ரூ. 500/- M[fptiவுkf kdfd]mf

  • Fees Rs.3,000/- For One Day L 2 H Training. (Fees will be applicable for one person),

    ரூ.3,000/- oR naqf etazibfpyibfci. (kdfd]mf o[fbibfK oRvaf mdfDEm `{mti),

  • Fee Rs.6500 Library Network Joining + Providing supporting Materials + Three Months Guidance, (Terms & Conditions apply)

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  • Training will be provided in which Place, Date & Time are informed through your Registered mobile number by SMS based on your Area & Pincode wise.,

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  • Pay Fees through CC Avenue Payment gateway in our website.

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  • Further details Pl. contact Cell No - 7401380800

    EmLmf viprgfkQkfK etadafபு ekaqfq Ev]fFy etaAlEpci எ] f- 7401380800